Book “Flora and the Water Warriors”

Book “Flora and the Water Warriors”


FLORA AND THE WATER WARRIORS is a book of 128 pages, 210 x 265 mm under hardcover and with plenty of full color images. Texts in dutch french and english.

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With FLORA AND THE WATER WARRIORS, William Sweetlove and Bart Ramakers spark a fascinating dialogue between classicist goddesses and the role models of today’s climate protest. They put climate issues in perspective by bringing them back to the age where most of them have their roots: the Age of Enlightenment. That period saw the rise of the scientific approach that warns us now about the impact of our environmental footprint on our future. Is an economic model based on continuous growth and unrestrained global exploitation still sustainable? Should we not look for another way of life? It is in that context that the two artists present their army of young goddesses who assist us in the battle for water, climate and the world, led by the godddess Flora. They bring us into contact with our intuitions again, teach us how to take care of everything that surrounds us and how to continue to pursue our ideals, instead of sacrificing them on the altar of power and greed. More information and a preview here.