The Bride Unveiled

Bart Ramakers is best known for his mythological scenes, in which he provides a contemporary interpretation of classical legends and stories. In “A Divine Comedy”, for example, he created his own version of the New Testament, and in “The Anatomy of Beauty” he explored his fascination with classical standards of beauty and purity. In his latest project and book, “The Bride Unveiled”, he goes a step further: he deconstructs many of these classical ideals in a surrealistic story about a cardinal and a journalist who each in the end will find their true love, after a lot of surrealistic plot turns and art references to Duchamp, Mariën, Bacon and their likes. Once bared, the veiled bride turns out to be a woman of flesh and blood, purified and marked by real life, true to life.

Your individualistic approach to art is refreshing, with a healthy dose of disregard for convention, with humour and what I appreciate most of all: the ability to question the viewer.” (Ch. Janssen Schmidt)

“The Bride Unveiled” is a long awaited delightful gem, bound in red linen, stamped in gold and finished with a gold cut. It’s printed in 250 copies only, 50 of which are numbered and signed. Some 60 pictures (never published before) tell the story of a devoted cardinal and his twin brother – the former reporter Linlin – , each of them searching for their eternal female. The images, shot in Italy, France and Belgium, are full of humour, estheticism, narrative details, art references… and Bart’s colours were never as daring as in this project. Geert Stadeus carved the accompanying texts in stone.

Order this treasure-book now for 49 euro (regular edition) or 99 euro (limited edition, signed and numbered) and it will be sent to you – every copy from the limited edition will be accompanied by a booklet with 24 pages of extra scenes, as splendid as the ones in the book – they ultimately just didn’t fit into the story but they form a fantasm on their own.

The format of the book, to be printed on Magno Silk 150 g paper in full color, is 22 x 30 cm, allowing for a splendid reproduction of the images.

Revelations: the book

The book “Revelations” is a collection of Bart Ramakers’ best work ever, with more than 130 images, the majority previously unpublished in bookform. It’s a lot bigger than the previous books (31 x 41 cm), contains more pages and images (192 p.) and gives you a rare insight in the genesis and the background of the works. It is a very luxurious coffee table book, with a hardcover bound in linen and a dust cover. Texts by Jonas Slaats, Serge Simonart (Humo/Klara), Geert Stadeus (Snoecks), Koen De Vlieger-De Wilde (Kasteel d’Ursel), Leo De Bock (VRT) & Fredau. Price is 65 euro. You want to order your copy? Still in doubt? Here’s what L’Oeil de la Photographie wrote about it!

Flora and the Water Warriors

With FLORA AND THE WATER WARRIORS, William Sweetlove and Bart Ramakers spark a fascinating dialogue between classicist goddesses and the role models of today’s climate protest. They put climate issues in perspective by bringing them back to the age where most of them have their roots: the Age of Enlightenment. That period saw the rise of the scientific approach that warns us now about the impact of our environmental footprint on our future. Is an economic model based on continuous growth and unrestrained global exploitation still sustainable? Should we not look for another way of life? It is in that context that the two artists present their army of young goddesses who assist us in the battle for water, climate and the world, led by the godddess Flora. They bring us into contact with our intuitions again, teach us how to take care of everything that surrounds us and how to continue to pursue our ideals, instead of sacrificing them on the altar of power and greed.

FLORA AND THE WATER WARRIORS: a book of 128 pages, 210 x 265 mm under hardcover and with plenty of full color images. Texts in dutch french and english, price is 25 euro + transport costs (7 euro for Belgium). Order here.

Anniversary Calendar

The most recent calendar is a very special one: it is a birthday calendar, so you can continue to use it for years. Luxuriously large format 42 x 60 cm, 13 previously unpublished photos from all my current projects, first-class print quality, just 55 euro for a firmly packed delivery to your home. There is an exclusive signed and numbered series of 25 copies at 105 euros, with a unique photo print. And don’t forget, for orders over 20 pieces we have very attractive conditions!
Order here.

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  • 2018 art calendar with 14 pictures from the “Anatomy of Beauty” series, printed by Antilope De Bie, a gem 42 x 60 cm big. A regular edition is available for you, 55 euros only, and a limited and numbered collector’s edition for 95 euro.
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  • Bart Ramakers, Trouble in Paradise, 120 pages, introductions by Johan Van Cauwenberge (art reporter radio Klara), Baudoin Lebon (Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris) and Prof. Dr. Maximiliaan Martens (UGent). Hardcover. (sold out)
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  • Bart Ramakers, In illo tempore, De Cavalerie, 2013. 21 x 29,7 cm, 96 p.
  • Jan Flamend & Bart Ramakers, Weg van Woorden, De Cavalerie, 2009. 22 x 28,5 cm, 164p. (out of print)
  • Bart Ramakers, Caught in a tale, De Cavalerie, 2011. 20,5 x 25,5 cm, 80 p. (out of print)