Autoportrait of the artist as…, 2020

In this series of self-portraits, the artist shows himself from his most personal side. Usually, he hides behind the camera and behind his characters, but when that became impossible due to the corona crisis, he decided to take up the challenge to portray himself in various aspects of being an artist. That he turns his back on the art world and art history in this introspection may be taken very literally: he literally pierces the canvas (which has a different content depending on the nature of the self-portrait) and regularly provides it with ironic or satirical attributes. In this series:

  • self-portrait of the artist as saviour of the world (Christ)
  • Self-portrait of the artist as a photographer (Actaeon)
  • Self portrait of the artist as a businessman (Vanitas)
  • self-portrait of the artist as immortal
  • self-portrait of the artist as diva (Monroe / Warhol)