Cecilia Paredes

In the fall of 2019, Peruvian-American multimedia artist Cecilia Paredes and her team flew over from Philadelphia and New York to create two new works for the exhibition Print & Paint, 350 years of cotton flowers at the Castle d’Ursel Hingene.

Bart Ramakers eternalized the result of the two performances.

From the Castle d’Ursel Magazine 16th year no. 61 (article by Veerle Moens):

During the working process in the castle, her regular production assistant Cathy Colburn and body painter Daniel ‘Zimpha’ Morena are assisted by textile restorer Jefta Lammens and photographer Bart Ramakers. ‘I think it’s important that assistants from my trusted environment are present. I need to know them through and through, because the cooperation is very intense. So much needs to be discussed before we start the ‘performance’. In this way, each task must be clearly defined and everyone must know their precise role. This goes from opening the door to outsiders, when I myself am in supreme concentration in a room, about checking whether the fabric still sufficiently covers my body, to ironing the meters of tissue. During the performance itself I am so focused that I should not be distracted by the smallest details. I was also very happy to be able to count on the discreet but professional attention of Jefta and Bart. No one else was admitted to the room where we were working.’

Read the full article here (Dutch only).

Making of photos: Sofie Baert