Around the World in 80 Years: a tribute to Panamarenko

Bart Ramakers: “Mid-December 2019 I gathered a fine selection of famous people in a photo that recalls the book of Jules Verne: Around the world in 80 days. It was to be a tribute to Panamarenko, the great artist who taught Flanders to dream and dare. Guy Mortier, Rob Vanoudenhoven, Mark Uytterhoeven, Bart Persoons and Stijn Meuris accompanied Eveline and Pana in this Caravaggio-style scene. I’ve had the rare opportunity to play with Panamarenko and take pictures for the past three years, and this shoot was definitely the funniest. While Humo’s former editor-in-chief claims he had to stand for 6 hours, during which very little was spoken, my chronometer says it took 39 hilarious minutes, a time spent mainly on practical jokes and having fun.

Panamarenko embodies Phileas Fogg, the protagonist of the book of Jules Verne, as he shows his plan to travel around the world in 80 days to the gentlemen of his club. They bet money on the execution of his project, while Phileas’ assistant Passepartout to his surprise discovers that the main map, a treasure map, is tattood on the belly of the Indian-looking Eveline. She is indeed the treasure that Phileas will bring back from his journey after 79 days.

Two days after this festive photo shoot, Panamarenko died unexpectedly. He left us with a big void and a memorable image, a tribute to anyone who dares to make his dreams come true.”

Finally, the work is available in 2 formats (a total of 10 copies). Email bart[a] for more information.

The sudden death of Panamarenko has made a big impression. Bart had to write something about it (Dutch only).

Enjoy the following videos about his Panamarenko collaborations!